When can I enroll my student?

Enrollment for eligible Nimitz HS students started on October 15th and will be ongoing throughout the school year. Enrollment forms can be located on the “Parent Resources” web page.

How do I know which Supplemental Educational Service Provider will meet the needs of my student?

Parents of eligible students have received a Parent Packet with a list of approved SES providers along with a packet of one page summaries for each provider on the list. Some providers provide face-to-face tutorials either at the school, in the home, or another designated place, while other providers offer computer-based tutorials where students will access the tutorial service online. To choose the best option for your student, locate a provider on the list that provides academic assistance in your student’s area of academic need and then read the one page summary for each provider selected to determine the best fit for your student. The “2012-2013 Provider List” link on our website also lists the current approved providers and their one page summaries. If you need help choosing a provider for your student, ask the school SES contact for assistance.

How much will this service cost the parent?

All SES tutorial services are free to the parent or guardian. Aldine ISD will pay for the Supplemental Educational Services until per pupil allotment has been expended. At that time if the parent or guardian wants to continue services, then he/she can work with the SES provider for payment options.

What is the process after I choose an SES Provider for my student?

After the enrollment form is processed for each student, the District Coordinator for School Improvement will notify the SES Provider of students who have requested services through their company. The selected SES Provider will then contact the parent or guardian to schedule a pre-assessment and times for tutorial services. The parent or guardian has the option of meeting with the selected SES Provider following the pre-assessment to assist in the development of a Student Learning Plan that indicates academic objectives that will be addressed and how mastery of the objectives will be measured. After tutorial services begin, the parent or guardian will receive a monthly report from the SES provider indicating academic progress. A post-assessment will be administered to each student at the end of the year to determine academic growth. Will the SES Provider or school provide transportation to and from tutorial services for my student? No. Schools districts are not required to provide or pay for transportation to and from tutorial services. Therefore, an SES Provider should be selected that provides tutorial services that are conveniently located at, or close to the school, or in the home.

What are the SES Provider responsibilities to me as a parent and to my student?

  • Enable the student to attain his/her specific achievement goals.
  • Measure the student’s progress and inform the student’s parents and teachers of that progress.
  • Adhere to the timetable for improvement of student achievement that is developed by the district in consultation with the student’s parents and teachers.
  • Protect the privacy of students who are eligible for or receive supplementary educational services.
  • Provide tutoring that is consistent with applicable health, safety, and civil rights laws.
  • Provide tutoring that is secular, neutral, and non-ideological.
Information adapted from the Texas Center for District & School Support.

What if I am not satisfied with the tutorial services that I have selected for my student?

If a parent or guardian is not satisfied with the services rendered by the selected SES Provider, the parent or guardian needs to try to address concerns with the SES Provider first. If the SES Provider is not responsive to the parent concerns, then the parent or guardian should contact the school SES contact, Mr. Steele, at 281-233-4336 or at [email protected]. If the concern is not rectified, then the parent or guardian should complete the online SES Complaint Form posted under “Parent Resources” on this website. Although the district is not required to make changes in providers, we will ensure the provider addresses your concerns or give the parent or guardian the option of selecting a different SES Provider.

What if my student does not quality for Supplementary Educational Services?

If your student does not qualify for free tutorial services due to non-eligibility for free or reduced lunch or your student does not attend Nimitz HS, discuss the academic needs of your student with the school counselor, social worker, or assigned assistant principal. Other programs and opportunities may be available at the school or within the community.