Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs and Commitments

Aldine's Vision:

Produce the Nation’s Best


We exist to prepare each student academically and socially to be a:

  • critical thinker

  • problem solver; and

  • responsible and productive citizen.

Core Beliefs and Commitments:

  1. We believe each student can learn at or above grade level and will have equal opportunity to do so.

    We will provide equal access to a quality education regardless of ethnicity, family income, gender, native language, special needs or area of residence. We will allocate resources to ensure equity for each student to reach his/her full potential.

  2. We believe Aldine ISD can achieve higher levels of performance through clearly defined goals that set high expectations for student achievement.

    We will eliminate the achievement gaps between and within student groups.

  3. We believe in the value of parents as the first and best teachers and that the community must actively participate in the development of all children.

    We will improve educational outcomes for our students by garnering support from parents, grandparents, caregivers, businesses, elected and appointed officials, civic and faith-based organizations, institutions of higher education, medical and social service agencies, along with the district leaders, staff and students.

  4. We believe in the value of each employee, in his/her personal and professional growth, and in empowering each one to be accountable to make decisions aligned with the vision of the school district.

    We will treat each employee with fairness, empower each employee to focus on high performance, and hold each employee accountable for results that contribute to student achievement.

  5. We believe all environments should be supportive, safe, and secure.

    We will ensure that the learning and work environments are safe and secure so that each student and staff member will achieve high levels of performance

AISD’s Continuous Improvement Journey

The implementation of the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence has served to accomplish the following four key tasks:

  • Provide a districtwide systems approach for management through a focus on the district objectives and goals.

  • Strengthen the organizational structure, processes, and procedures.

  • Ensure all processes and resources are aligned to meet the district’s objectives, improve overall performance, and satisfy key stakeholders.

  • Ensure the five broad district objectives and more specific goals under each objective with measureable actions are based on data and are aligned from the district level to the department, campus, teacher, and student levels.


District Improvement Plans


District Scorecards