CASE After School Program

For the past 9 years, Raymond Academy for Engineering has offered an extensive after-school program tailored toward meeting individual needs of students. Partnering up with the Harris County Department of Education Cooperative for After-School Enrichment (CASE), Houston area business partners, and acquiring community and parent support, Raymond Academy has been able to sustain and improve a child-centered environment Monday through Friday. Dedicated toward providing a safe and nurturing environment, Raymond Academy offers numerous clubs and organizations for students to participate in helping students develop academically, socially, and physically.
Our Vision... To aid in producing the nation's best by providing a safe, nurturing environment with numerous enrichment activities to help develop students academically, socially, and physically in a culturally diverse setting into productive citizens.
We value...
*Safety. We hold We hold sacred the well-being of all students and community members both during and after traditional school hours.
*Teamwork. We believe in students working in groups/teams to achieve common goals. We believe that by grouping individuals into diverse units that work together to create solutions and solve common goals students are better able to appreciate the contributions that each Raymond Academy student has to offer.
*Excellence. We believe in holding stake holders to the highest of standards and inspiring, motivating and pushing all individuals into successfully acquiring those standards.

CASE After School Coordinator Mrs. Adrienne Rose-Pearson 

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CASE After School Program
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