Red Ribbon Week 2017

Red Ribbon Week 2017
Posted on 10/20/2017
Red Ribbon Week


The week of October 23rd - 27th, is nationally recognized as Red Ribbon Week (RRW) and serves as a symbol of each community’s commitment to create a healthy, drug-free environment. In honor of this week, we would like you to talk to your child about the effects of smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and making bad choices. 

During this week all students will be participating in Drug Free activities. Below is the “Special” dress code for the week of October 23rd 27th only. Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation.

Monday (23rd): I’m Reddy to Shade out Drugs and slip into Success.   

Staff & Students: Wear red clothes, slippers, & sunglasses

Tuesday (24th): Texas Ropers aren’t Dopers! 


Staff & Students Wear Western Attire.  

Boots, Hats, Jeans   No toy Guns! 


Wednesday (25th): Team up Against Drugs! 

Staff & students: Wear Sports Team Shirts and Tennis shoes

Thursday (26th)    Put A Cap on Drugs!

Staff & Students: Wear their favorite cap/hat

Friday (27th)    Going to Battle Against Drugs!

Staff & Students: Wear camouflage clothing and attire. Shirts, pants, hat/cap, shoes & boots only